What is earth-Gaia?

The material on this page, is based on the book “The Gaia Project 2012”, which is channeled by Hwee-Yong Jwang.

Earth is what is being called The School of Emotions.  From the very beginning, the purpose of the earth has been to school together in one place, all types of different souls and beings from all over the Universe, that are at different stages of evolution, with different experience and knowledge.  The purpose with this community is to create more tolerance, unity and compassion among the many different beings of the Universe.  This growth process has been taking place through a complex system of rebirthing, that we know as Karma or Karmic relations.

Long before the time of earth, different beings of different origin, within the galaxy that earth belongs to, had been having disputes for a long period of time, and over time the negative energy resulting from those disputes, started spreading out towards other galaxies in the form of negativity and aggressiveness, disturbing and risking the harmony and unity that had reigned within the Universe.  Different beings from different star clusters, had tried to put an end to this destructive evolution, but because of the deep seated roots of the aggressiveness among those beings, the efforts were unsuccessful.  After some consideration, it was decided by the beings of the Origin, to launch a huge scale project, and create a new planet which would have a unique role within the universe.

The new planet, Earth, was meant to house all of the different beings and souls that live within the universe and provide them with a unique growth opportunity to expand their experience and accelerate their growth through learning.  The inhabitants of the new planet would be taking part in evolving and cultivating a new special energy that was meant to increase compassion, unity and harmony among all of the different beings of the Universe.

In order for this to take place, a new special being was created from the consciousness of the Origins, who together hold the highest frequency of the Godly energy known to the Universe.  After the creation of earth, this new being was brought to the planet and left there undisturbed for billions of years, or until the new special energy of that being had spread all over the new planet, and had finally become one with earth.

At first the new planet, was in the form of light and only a few high dimensional beings were allowed access to the new planet.  Those were beings designated to carry out the project until the end, and prepare the planet for public opening.  During the time the planet was evolving into etheric state, more high frequency beings came to earth in etheric bodies and within perfect unity and harmony, those beings lived together while the planet went through its final stage of preparation.  Together those high frequency beings worked on preparing the planet for the opening of an area we know today as Lemuria.

Soon after the new planet had been opened to public traffic, the word got out and beings of diverse consciousnesses began to move to earth.  Many of those beings carried a lot of negative energy and because of the sensitivity of the etheric bodies of the high frequency beings, it became difficult for them to come in contact with lower frequency beings, because of the pain they experienced when around their energy bodies.  Therefore the high frequency beings started avoiding contacts with the lower frequency beings, which threatened the purpose of the earth plane.

Because of that as well as for many other reasons, earth was starting to lower it´s energy vibration and it was decided to materialize the earth plane, so that all beings living on the earth plane would have equal opportunities on learning through communications.  Over time the earth changed from pure etheric state into material state and by that, the constant circulation of rebirth, old age, illness and death began.

From the very beginning, the earth school has been under the supervision and administration of the earth´s Council, which has been responsible for seeing the earth´s project through as planned.  The Council of earth has at times in earth’s history, stepped in and ceased the history of human beings, each time the material world became ineffective as a self-learning place or that the free will of human kind has been threatened by outside forces.  Those times in the history of human kind, are many known as collapses in the history of earth, where the human kind has had to start over.  Many of those breaks remain unknown since they took place in a low profile way.

The time necessary to fully create the new special energy amongst the earth´s inhabitants, is now over, and in coming years the earth and the people living on it, will be going through an intensive processes of cleansing while the new energy will be perfected before being released out to the Universe and the earth will become a fifth dimensional planet.

Jang, Hwee-Yong. The Gaia Project 2012 (Woodbury:Llewellyn Publications, 2007).